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Practitioners Researchers


Field of investigation

Practitioners / Researchers, is the official journal of the National Training Committee of the Cooperative Institute of the Modern School ICEM Freinet pedagogy. The aim of Practitioners / Researchers is to gather scientific experiences in the whole of the domain defined in its title. It tries in particular to answer current questions relative to professor/teacher training in France and abroad. Any contributions concerning training in the widest meaning of a word are welcome: initial or permanent trainings, experiments of co-training.

The journal publishes articles which concern current practices of professor/teacher training including international experiences, recent, innovative practices based on cooperation and exchange. Scientific articles, experimental studies, methodological presentations are welcome too, as presentations and practices analyses. An editorial committee ensures the coherence of the publications as well as their admissibility before publication.

It publishes thematic developments, reports or scientific meetings and "free" forums. Thematic developments are welcome too, subject to their announcement as such, just like reports or scientific meetings and "free forums". The journal itself will be indexed on the Web, for much more legibility

Aims and Distribution

The aims of Practitioners-Researchers journal is the communication of scientific progress, the distribution of the new ways of research, in particular presentations of alternative, innovative practices in terms of professor/teacher training. It is opened to any contributions within a constantly evolving scientific field in extension. This journal is intended to give the readers the most complete and updated information possible. It addresses first and foremost researchers and practitioners who work in the field of professor/teacher training as in those who teach at primary/middle school and university. It also targets all those who study the processes of training from innovative practices.

It has its place in university libraries and research laboratories. The journal attempts to promote the use of the French language. (An editorial committee control the quality of expression too) and to spread the works of the French language community within a widely English-speaking international community. The journal is a French-speaking publication; it also welcomes texts in any languages. Articles in French are inevitably accompanied with a summary and with an abridged version in English intended to give non-French-speaking readers the main part of the contents of articles; articles in English or in other languages contain a summary and a summary in French. The journal is thus as multilingual as possible.

English version: Denis Morin denis.morin[arobase]univ-lorraine.fr (denis.morin[arobase]univ-lorraine.fr)